Each trimester essentials checklist - everything explained

Congratulations! A task begun is half done. It's great to know that you are eager to get more information on trimester essentials and want to create a checklist for all three of them. And, this is a huge step towards the healthy development of your baby. 

So, let’s see all the things that fall under trimester essentials and why. 

First Trimester Essentials 

Pregnancy books - 

Believe it or not, the best way to gain a wide range of knowledge is with pregnancy books. Whether this is your first pregnancy or third, getting to know about the growth of your baby will never get boring. 

Prenatal Vitamins - 

Yes, prenatal vitamins are essential to increase your nutrition and vitamin level. These vitamins might cause side effects like nausea and constipation or diarrhea. The trick is to take prenatal vitamins along with food so that your stomach focuses on the food rather than the vitamin. 

Portable Water Bottle - 

Water is another most important first trimester essential! You need to stay hydrated throughout the day. It's recommended that you drink water every hour. So, it doesn't matter if you're going out or staying in, it's a must to keep a water bottle by your side always! 

Second Trimester Essentials 

Pregnancy Pillow - 

During the second trimester essential of your pregnancy, it is recommended by a lot of professionals that you sleep on your left side rather than the back as it improves blood circulation. A pregnancy pillow or a body pillow in this case provides excessive comfort to your body. 

Heating pad -

Yes! Minor cramps and contractions might be on the way, so it's better to be prepped with a heating pad. Even under no pains, heating pads are always comforting. However, make sure that you don't leave it on for a longer time. 

Bath Salts - 

The perfect aroma of soothing bath salts is important to tingle your olfactory instincts and please your mind and body. A good bath with fragrant bath salts can make your cramps and pains go away. 

Maternity Clothes - 

Usually during the second trimester, the abdomen has begun with the swelling. So purchasing comfortable maternity clothes is important now. Stretchy pants or oversized gowns and jumpsuits can keep your belly relaxed and out of pressure.  

Third Trimester Essentials 

Antacids - 

In the third trimester, heartburn and acidity tends to increase. Can't help it! So keeping some antacids handy is definitely a good idea.  

Birth Ball - 

A birth ball can work wonders as it strengthens your abdominal area along with the leg muscles and trains you for labor. Using a birth ball will also support your spine while exercising and improve blood circulation throughout. 

Comfortable shoes - 

If you haven't shopped for the right shoes in the second trimester, it's high time you take it up! The baby is getting heavier and all that weight is getting difficult for your legs to handle! In these times using comfortable shoes with a cushioned soul will decrease the efforts profoundly. 

Final Words

Hope it has helped you to create the basic trimester essentials checklist for yourself! Make sure that you click a lot of pictures and enjoy your pre-baby days to the fullest!

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